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Practical Variable Speed Drives and Power Electronics
Malcolm Barnes
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Typical practical applications of VSDs in process control and materials handling, such as those for pumping, ventilation, conveyers, compressors and hoists are covered in detail.
* Cover
* Frontmatter
o Half Title Page
o Titles in the series
o Title Page
o Copyright
o Preface
o *******s
* Chapter 1. Introduction
o 1.1 The need for variable speed drives
o 1.2 Fundamental principles
o 1.3 Torque-speed curves for variable speed drives
o 1.4 Types of variable speed drives
o 1.5 Mechanical variable speed drive methods
o 1.6 Hydraulic variable speed drives methods
o 1.7 Electromagnetic or Eddy Current coupling
o 1.8 Electrical variable speed drive methods
* Chapter 2. 3-Phase AC induction motors
o 2.1 Introduction
o 2.2 Basic construction
o 2.3 Principles of operation
o 2.4 The equivalent circuit
o 2.5 Electrical and mechanical performance
o 2.6 Motor acceleration
o 2.7 AC induction generator performance
o 2.8 Efficiency of electric motors
o 2.9 Rating of AC induction motors
o 2.10 Electric motor duty cycles
o 2.11 Cooling and ventilation of electric motors (IC)
o 2.12 Degree of protection of motor enclosures (IP)
o 2.13 Construction and mounting of AC induction motors
o 2.14 Anti-condensation heaters
o 2.15 Methods of starting AC induction motors
o 2.16 Motor selection
* Chapter 3. Power electronic converters
o 3.1 Introduction
o 3.2 Definitions
o 3.3 Power diodes
o 3.4 Power thyristors
o 3.5 Commutation
o 3.6 Power electronic rectifiers (AC/DC converters)
o 3.7 Gate commutated inverters (DC/AC converters)
o 3.8 Gate controlled power electronic devices
o 3.9 Other pwoer converter circuit components
* Chapter 4. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
o 4.1 Introduction
o 4.2 The sources of electromagnetic interference
o 4.3 Harmonics generated on the supply side of AC converters
o 4.4 Power factor and displacement factor
o 4.5 Voltages and current on the motor side of PWM inverters
* Chapter 5. Protection of AC converters and motors
o 5.1 Introduction
o 5.2 AC frequency converter protection circuits
o 5.3 Operator information and fault diagnostics
o 5.4 Electric motor protection
o 5.5 Thermal overload protection current sensors
o 5.6 Thermal overload protection direct temperature sensing
* Chapter 6. Control systems for AC variable speed drives
o 6.1 The overall control system
o 6.2 Power supply to the control system
o 6.3 The DC bus charging control system
o 6.4 The PWM rectifier for AC converters
o 6.5 Variable speed drive control loops
o 6.6 Vector control for AC drives
o 6.7 Current feedback in AC variable speed drives
o 6.8 Speed feedback from the motor
* Chapter 7. Selection of AC converters
o 7.1 Introduction
o 7.2 The basic selection procedure
o 7.3 The loadability of converter fed squirrel cage motors
o 7.4 Operation in the constant power region
o 7.5 The nature of the machine load
o 7.6 The requirements for starting
o 7.7 The requirements for stopping
o 7.8 Control of speed, torque and accuracy
o 7.9 Selecting the correct size of motor and converter
o 7.10 Summary of the selection procedures
* Chapter 8. Installation and commissioning
o 8.1 General installation and environmental requirements
o 8.2 Power supply connection and earthing requirements
o 8.3 Start/stop control of AC drives
o 8.4 Installing AC converters into ****l enclosures
o 8.5 Control wiring for variable speed drives
o 8.6 Commissioning variable speed drives
* Chapter 9. Special topics and new developments
o 9.1 Soft-switching
o 9.2 The matrix converter
* Appendix A: Motor protection direct temperature sensing
o A.1 Introduction
o A.2 Microtherm (thermostat)
o A.3 Thermistor sensors and thermistor protection relays
o A.4 Thermocouple
o A.5 Resistance temperature detector (RTD)
* Appendix B: Current measurement transducers
o B.1 Current shunt
o B.2 Principle of the Hall effect sensor
* Appendix C: Speed measurement transducers
o C.1 Analog speed transducers
o C.2 Digital rotary speed and position transducers
* Appendix D: International and national standards
o D.1 Introduction
o D.2 International standards
o D.3 European standards
o D.4 United States of America standards
o D.5 National standards
o D.6 South African standards
* Appendix E: Glossary of common terms used with AC variable speed drives
* Index


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