Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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Computer Graphics
Technical Publications
2nd, illustrated 2009
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Basic Concepts Types of graphics devices, Display file structure, Display file interpreter, Display processors, Graphics file format, BMP, TIFF, PCX, GIF. Line and Circle Generation Line generation - DDA and Bresenham's algorithm, Thick line segments, Antialising of lines, Circle generation - DDA and Bresenham's algorithm, Character generation : Stroke principle, Starburst principle, Bit map method. Polygons Types, Representations, Entering Polygons, Polygon filling : Seed fill, Edge fill, Scan conversion algorithm. Scan conversion : Real time scan conversion, Solid area scan conversion, Run length encoding, Cell encoding. Segments Concepts, Segment table, Segment creation, Deletion, Renaming, Image transformation. 3D Geometry 2D transformations primitives and concepts - Translation, Rotation, Rotation about an arbitrary points, Scaling and shearing, 3D transformations, Rotation about an arbitrary axis, 3D viewing transformations, Concept of parallel and perspective projections, Viewing parameters, 3D clipping, Mid-point subdivision algorithm. Windowing and Clipping Viewing transformation, 2D clipping, Sutherland-Cohen, Subdivision line clipping algorithm, Midpoint subdivision algorithm, Generalized clipping, Cyrus-Beck algorithm, Interior and exterior clipping , Polygon clipping, Sutherland-Hodgman algorithm. Hidden Surfaces and Lines Back-face removal algorithm, Hidden line methods, Z buffer, Warnock and painters algorithm, Floating horizon. Light, Color and Shading Diffused illumination, Point source illumination, Shading algorithm, Color models RGB, HVS, CYM etc., Shading algorithm, Eliminating back spaces, Transparency, Reflection and shadows. Curves and Fractals Curve generation, Interpolation, Interpolating algorithms, Interpolating polygons, B-splins and corners, Bezier curves, Fractals, Fractal surfaces and lines. Interactive Graphics Graphics standards, Graphics hardware, CRT display and controller, Interlaced and Non interlaced display, Vector scan and raster scan, Display adapter, VGA, SVGA, BIOS video support, Graphics device drivers, Display buffers, Study of graphics stations (practical aspects). Plotters, Digitizers, Scanners, Lightpen. Graphical User Interface Concepts of X-windows : Client-server model, Protocols, Message passing (only GUI related concepts), Motif - widget, Gadget, Structure, (only GUI concepts), Concepts of MS Windows. OpenGL : why 3d? why OpenGL? OpenGL and animation. Graphics Standard Graphics Kernel system with basic primitives. Graphics Applications Scientific & Engg. applications, Business application, Application concept in animation & simulation.

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